The’No-Poo’ Method using Hair Soap Bars



Well, quite simply, it means giving up using shampoo, or giving up using commercial shampoos and switching to natural methods of washing your hair.  Such as, by preparing herbal rinses, or just using 8 0z of distilled water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to cleanse with.

Many people find that stopping the use of commerical chemical laden shampoos gives their hair a chance to regenerate, grow and experience a renewal of natural shine and hair strength.


Many traditional shampoos and conditioners work together to clean and moisturise, but can be harsh, leaving the hair dry and dependant on more conditioner.  Most traditional shampoos degrease the hair by stripping it of its natural oil.  Then, traditional shop purchased conditioners coat the hair in drying silicones and slippery chemicals to cover the feeling of the stripped hair.  In effect, the hair ends up coated in chemicals, which does not  allow the hair to absorb oils or nutrients, thereby causing further damage.



The No-Poo method involves a gentle approach to washing hair.  To follow a no-poo routing you need to use natural products that do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate or harmful chemicals followed by a natural conditioning treatment.



In order to go NO-POO, you have to strip away all the harmful build-up that commercial shampoos leave. You will need a clarifying shampoo and ironically, a basic cheap commercial shampoo will strip everything off your hair.  Look for a basic shampoo with Sodium lauryl sulfate and wash your hair twice.  Rinse your hair with organic apple cider vinigar, by diluting 2 tablespoons into to cups of filtered or spring water.  This will make your hair feel silky and give a shine. Then you’re ready to declare yourself NO-POO.


My No-Poo journey started by using Karawan’s Bergamot hair soap and then I went onto Coconut and Shea butter shampoo bars. Soap bars lather up to a thick and creamy texture, and removed grease very gently. Hair is left feeling thicker and moisturised, with a wonderful fresh smell.  You can add a half teaspoon of  Jojoba oil to your hair once it is dry for extra sheen.  I particularily like Karawan soap bars, because they are not tested on animals!


Using Hair Shampoo Bars

  1.  Wet your hair
  2. Wet the Shampoo bar and rub gently around your hair and scalp (You do not need much)
  3. Then, gently massage your hair and scalp.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with spring water or distilled water for best results.
  5. Repeat if your hair is greasy.
  6. Apply a natural conditioner.
  7. Then dry or style as normal.

When you’ve  been NO-POO for a while, you can go on to experiment with various types of natural hair washes, for example Rhassoul clay, and Indian herbs.  You may find you need to adjust your natural hair shampoo techniques according to the weather and hair type, natural hair shampoo’s vary in their ability to moisturse.  You just need to find what’s right for you.  Good luck!

Thank you for reading!  Below, are some of my other recipes.

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