Honey and Lemon Beauty Treatment


Honey and Lemon anti-ageing remedies

Sadly, the beautiful Languedoc summer is coming to an end, and people are busy harvesting their wonderful produce that grows in abundence here in France. As per normal, larders will be full of lemons, apricots, figs, nuts, fresh honey, berries etc, all heading for jam pots, winter casseroles and freezers.

While these pretty fruits and produce make tasty meals and gifts, the stunning Languedoc region provides us with super raw materials to make our own home-made beauty treatments, which are detailed  below.

What Goodness are in Lemons?

But first, lets look at the good old Mediterranean Lemon for example. I see them growing cheerfully in peoples’ gardens, from which they are destined to accompany a Gin & Tonic on the geranium filled terrace or to be a mere invisible drizzle on someones salad. Wake up! For starters, these bright yellow beauties are super packed with vitamin C. Most people know that vitamin C helps keep winter colds away, but did you know that vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant which means it’s anti-ageing. Vitamin C is equally potent when applied in creams, and you have no doubt seen it listed in the ingredients on bought shop products. However, the benefit of using lemon in your home made products, is that the vitamin C stays more potent if used quickly. Unlike the shop bought products that tend to deteriorate.

What Can Lemons Do For My Skin?

So what can fresh vitamin C found in Lemons do for my skin you ask? Well, being an anti-oxidant it will help repair and protect your skin. You will usually achieve firmer, softer and brighter skin with regular use, as it helps rejuvenate collagen production. Plus, it will help fade sun spots and old acne scars. Additionally, there is evidence is helps calm psoriasis and ecema due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you aren’t fortunate to own lemons trees, make sure you buy organic lemons and wash them thoroughly. The benefits of Lemon for your skin can be intensified when used with honey from the Languedoc!

The Goodness Found In Raw Organic Honey.

You’ve probably seen a few Bee hives peacefully scattered around the mountains here in the Languedoc, while out enjoying a walk. The local Bee keepers in the Languedoc provide nutrient packed honey due to the Bees feeding on high altitude flowers and living freely. I love seeing the Bees happily doing their bit for nature, and I’ve no doubt you’ve seen many shop products proudly exclaiming this product contains honey. While that may be so, you cannot beat fresh natural honey for its healing properties as when applied in your own homemade beauty products. Similarily to the lemon, it’s a natural anti-oxidant and helps reduce inflammation, but Honey’s benefit is its ability to remove impurities, cleanse and moisturise. After using honey your skin should feel so soft and have less blackheads or spots.

What Type Of Honey Is Best To Use?

Can I use any type of Honey? Well, you can, but it is advisable to seek raw, unfiltered honey which will be free from pesticides and anti-biotics, because you don’t want to add nasty unpleasant chemicals to your natural beauty products. If you scroll through forums about users of good quality honey in homemade products, they will report their skin is much better than using cheap versions. In addition, the colour of honey gives a clue to its potency. Evidence suggests darker honey contains more anti-oxidant, but the raw and unfiltered is the most important.

The Goodness Found in Olive Oil & Sweet Almond Oil.

In the recipes below, I’ve mentioned adding oil to the mixture, but have mentioned some oils grown in other climates. Typically, around this region in the South of France, Olive oil is grown and produced. Although Olive oil has similar properties to many oils, it is a little heavy to wear throughout the day.

Sweet almond oil is produced in the South of France, but the almonds generally come from other climates. Sweet almond oil is lighter and renouned for being rich in Vitamin E. When used alone, it is comparable to any wrinkle serum because it does soak in and help repair and smooth wrinkles and skin damage. Be careful not to make a mistake and buy almond or bitter almond oil, they are slightly different and not a beneficial to the skin as Sweet Almond Oil.

Choosing Your Oils & Read The Label To Make Sure It Is Pure!

Be selective when choosing oils.  The best nutrients and beauty benefits will be found in organic, cold pressed. (Read the ingredients on the bottle –  one of my Sweet almond oils had sunflower oil added by the manufacturer).

So by using good quality lemons, honey and oils in your homemade beauty products you should be able to reduce symptoms from ageing skin, spots, skin and protect your skin for the future. Remember, the better raw and unfiltered quality honey and organic cold pressed beauty oils for home should give you improved results.


This recipes is super moistursing, cleansing, soothing and free from chemicals.

You will need:

  • 1 tsp of Honey (raw, unfiltered like Manuka Honey).


  1. Dampen your face with warm water (gently heat spring water if you have hard water).
  2. Apply to face and massage in gentle circular movements with your fingertips, all over face.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Rinse with warm water (gently heat spring water if you have hard water).



This face mask gets its effectiveness comes from the fact you have to put it on every day for 5 days. After which you should see reduced wrinkles, softer blemish free skin that is firmer and more moisturised.


  • Juice of ¼ of a Lemon (organic).
  • 2 tblsp Honey raw, unfiltered.
  • 1 tsp Oil (Virgin Sweet Almond Oil or Virgin Olive or your choice).
  • 2tsp cornstarch (optional, to make it thicker)


  1. Mix the lemon and honey together then add up to a tsp of oil. (Save the remainder and put in the fridge to use over the 5 days).
  2. Apply to a clean face with a cotton pad or face mask brush.
  3. Leave on for 20 mins.
  4. Wash off with warm water.
  5. Then do again the next day.

I really hope you see results and don’t forget to use over the winter, to keep your skin looking in tip top condition.

Thank you for reading!

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