Quick and Easy Milk Facial Cleanser


Simple is best!

Why Cleanse with Milk?

A good quick cleanser can be milk! It was a favorite of Cleopatra’s afterall. The benefits of milk are its ability to cleanse oil from the skin’s surface due to the lipase enzymes and lactic acid within, which help dilute grease and dirt.  Ultimately, the results are smoother glowing skin.

Milk is also calming on sensitive skin, and can help moisturise mature skins.  So this recipe is suitable for normal and combination skin.

How to cleanse with milk

It is preferably to use full cream on dry skin and skimmed milk on oily skin.  But the principle is simple…

  • Simply soak your cotton ball in fresh milk and apply to face
  • Cleanse in gentle circular movements around your forehead, nose, cheeks.
  • It is delicate enough to use around the eyes.
  • Then pat dry.
  • Complete your normal moisturising and makeup routine as normal.
  • You do not need to wash it off!


Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for reading!




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