How to do a professional pedicure at home.



While people love to pay attention to painting their toe nails with pretty colours, they often overlook the fact that appearance of feet and toes will improve with simple care, which adds to an overall professional finish of your feet.  By doing a professional pedicure at home your feet will feel fabulous, look softer, more silky and your toe nails will grow stronger and appear more healthy.

Basic equipment you will need.

  • A large bowl to soak your feet in (washing up bowl size).
  • Medium size towel to dry feet.
  • Cling film or pedicure heated booties (optional).
  • Foot soak.
  • Foot scrub (Zesty Orange & Ginger Foot Scrub).
  • Foot moisturizer.
  • Toe nail clippers.
  • Toe nail file.
  • Cuticle hoof stick (for tidying cuticles).
  • Foot pumice or foot skin file.
  • Oil of your choice (i.e almond, olive, coconut).



  1. Prepare your work space by filling placing out your towel and bowl with warm water with added foot soak.
  2. Using your foot pumice; in circular movements gently remove the dry skin from feet.  This is best done before soaking your feet.
  3. Then soak both your feet for 5 minutes in the foot soak.
  4. While toe nails are soft, gently clip so they are straight across the top.
  5. File any rough edges or corners on your toe nails.
  6. Gently push back cuticles on toe nails, and remove the build-up of skin down the sides of toe nails and underneath with a hoof stick or cuticle tool.
  7. Place the feet back into the foot soak to wet them, but this time take a small amount of the foot scrub and scrub each feet and toe nails to remove any remaining dry skin and excess toe nail build up.
  8. Dry feet with a clean fluffy towel.
  9. Take some foot moisturising cream and massage for 5 minutes into each foot and lower leg.  Paying attention to toes and heals and calf muscles.
  10. After the foot massage,  add some extra moisturizer to the feet and wrap with cling film and cover with a warm dry towel or place your feet into professional heated pedicure booties, to increase moisture absorption and improve the appearance of your toe nails. Leave feet wrapped for 15 to 20 minutes and remain seated.
  11. Finally, blot your feet dry of any excess moisturizer and put on some fluffy clean socks.
Enjoy your home spa pedicure!

Thank you for reading!  Please see below my pedicure related homemade ingredients.

Zesty Orange & Ginger Foot Scrub

Sumptuous Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream


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