5 Ideas to Use Coconut Oil in Your Daily Beauty Routine.


Coconut Oil for Gorgeous Hair

Coconut oil has long since been recognised as deeply conditioning for hair.  Coconut oil contains naturally occurring fatty acids that allow for deep and easy penetration into the hair shaft. This makes it good for smoothing frizz and restoring shine to hair. Furthermore, coconut oil contains protein, which when absorbed into the hair shaft can help replace and strengthen weak hair.

There are some mixed reviews from people who use coconut oil, claiming that it makes their hair feel weighed down.  The secret is to only use a tiny bit, or to attempt trial and error on your hair type, by adjusting the amount to see which suits your hair.

Also, coconut oil acts differently if added to dry or wet hair.  Again, this is a trial and error procedure you may like to experiment with to see what your hair prefers.  Add 1/4 of a teaspoon of coconut oil to damp, freshly washed hair.  This definitely seems to lock in moisture and detangles.  However, add small amounts to dry hair in between washes, but only on the areas that may seem dry or frizzy.

As a deep conditioning treatment, you may like to try adding a handful of coconut oil or more to your dry hair, and massaging it in from root to tip and waiting 30 minutes. Then you wash and condition your hair as normal. The added bonus is delicious smelling and beautiful naturally kept hair.

Coconut Oil for Facial and Body Care.

You can ditch all the commercially prepared facial products in favour of coconut oil. It has many uses. and its many uses.  For a start, you can remove my eye makeup with coconut oil.  Try applying a tiny amount to a cotton pad and gently wipe off mascara.  It even removes waterproof makeup and leaves the skin around the eyes baby soft.

A good way to deep clean your face is with coconut oil.  Try using a small amount and massage it around your face for a few minutes, then gently remove with a damp warm cloth.  The result should be, a face that is clean and moisturised.  It can help skin look more toned, calmer and supple.

The many wonders of coconut oil also extends to shaving legs.  Coconut oil is far superior to shaving creams, when shaving legs.  Try applying a blob and massage it well around your legs, then gently shave.  The result is the razor glides easily, achieving wonderfully smooth and silky looking skin.

Coconut Oil for Beautiful Hands and Nails.

A little pot of coconut oil kept in the bathroom or kitchen is a must have for moisturising hands between hand washes.  As mentioned above, due to its fatty acids, coconut oil absorbs well into the skin.  After washing your hands, try simply moisturising a tiny amount into your hands and nails each time.  This should leave your hands soft and the nails stronger.  Plus, Coconut oil quickly absorbs, so there is no greasy residue leftover, like some commercial hand creams.

Coconut Oil for Toe Nails and Softer Feet.

People often forget how important it is, and how fabulous it feels to have soft moisturised feet.  So after you have showered and dried yourself, you can sit down and massage this wonderful oil into your toes and feet.  Coconut oil is good for feet in normal to average condition.  For very dry feet with cracked heals, you may want to use a heavier cream such as an organic shea butter.  Or you may like to make my recipe Sumptuous Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Body Cream.

Coconut Oil as a Body Moisturiser and Sun Protector.

Coconut oil is wonderful to moisturise the body after bathing or showering.  It leaves your skin feeling and looking silky!  Using pure organic coconut oil as your body moisturiser means you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals that are commonly used in commercial brands. What is also beneficial about coconut oil as a body moisturiser is that it contains a natural sun protection of SPF 4 (1), (but please note this is only suitable for autumn and winter months, as a higher SPF should be used in late spring and summer).

(1) naturalsociety.com/ditch-toxic-sunscreen-use-coconutoil-instead/


Thank you for reading and do let me know your coconut oil stories and experiences.

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