Welcome to my beauty section. By taking natural simple steps, we can help improve our appearance leading to a more confident and happier you.

Our beauty problems will vary between us, some will want to fight ageing skin, others will want to moisturise their dry wrinkle prone skin or manage their maturing skin, while others will battle their greasy skin, experiencing problems such as over shiney and spotty. Then, there are people that suffer with a greasy and dry combination skin.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, be it a baby, teenage, adult or geriatric, these problems can affect us throughout life due to stress, hormone changes or the climate we live in.

This is where the principals of natural beauty come into play, we have to think about our beauty as evolving from inside, as well as what we put on our skin, on the outside. The two work together.  So a healthy diet rich in vitamins to nourish and help balance the body, lots of water to help moisturise.  Also, a consideration of what you allow to attack your skin is vital to reduce skin problems, such as sun-light, winter weather, central heating, smoking and poor quality commercial beauty products laden with chemicals.

Going back to natural basics can help.  Homemade organic and natural beauty products do work and people need to have confidence in them.  As a society, marketing and media has led us to believe that a pretty and expensive bottle of cream, that is advertised on TV must be the best. I’m amazed that people still use products on their bodies of which they haven’t read the ingredients, and then complain that the expensive product doesn’t work or worse, has given them a rash or more spots.

By making your own natural products at home, not only are you taking control of how you want your product to perform, be it help you with your skin type or problem; but you’re in control of saving your money and reducing your disapointment, and doing much towards the wider environment.

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