Your natural hair and scalp



Hi and welcome to my introduction section on caring for your hair naturally.  I will be posting homemade recipes for hair care that really work and save you money.  You can browse my site for the recipes…

I hear many complaints from friends about their hair problems.  Either they are experiencing dry brittle hair, greying, thin fly-away hair, greasy and flat, itchy scalp and dandruff, poor growth and hair loss, and many more problems.  Most people cope with these problems by just lavering  products on top the problem, rather than getting to the root of the problem (excuse the pun!).

A holistic approach, in the first instance, should be considered in relation to your hair and its problems.  Most problems start at the root, in the scalp.  The hair follicles are fed by nutrients from the body’s blood supply.  The follicles need a healthy scalp and good supply of nutrients in order to flourish.  After years of piling on products, our hair and scalp build up a layer of dead cells and chemicals from commercial products, causing the hair to  loose its natural ability to remain strong and shiney.

Since I’ve ditched silicone loaded shampoos and conditioners, and switched to gentle herbal homemade shampoos, my hair and scalp has become healthier, stronger, shinier and has grown faster than ever.  I’ve also found that I no longer need gels and mousses to make it behave. However, going natural takes some effort on your part in that you have to do  make some preparations from time to time, but the results are worth it, and so are the benefits to your wallet.

This site will show you some interesting and different ways to care for your hair using natural methods, that you will hopefully adopt for the rest of your hair care days.

Thank you for reading!

Argan Oil & Aloe Vera shampoo

Indian Herbs Hair Shampoo

‘No-Poo’ Shampoo Method

Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar for pence

The’No-Poo’ Method using Hair Soap Bars


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